Extreme dieting: How to fillet fat… just add willpower

A consequence of adopting the OMS lifestyle (Vegan +seafood) and something I had not expected to happen so quickly, was the rapid shedding of weight. My weight dropped by  over 10kg (1st 8lb) from 86.1 – 75.7kg in just over two months, that’s a 12% reduction in body mass. As a stat geek a couple of years ago I had treated myself to a set of  Wiithings scales.  If you have not come across them before, they basically connect to your wireless network and so whenever you stand on them it sends your weight to a mobile and online app. As an aside it is somewhat amusing when guests stand on them and you get an alert on your phone with the biometrics of the user… especially if you are not at home at the time … anyway I digress. The data you get, present you with cool stuff like body fat percentage and give you fancy graphs to monitor and track your body.  Here are the two months of my personal statistics after commencing the overcoming MS lifestyle:


Non of this was due to any particular strenuous exercise and I believe this could be replicated by anyone who follows the same dietary regime:
  • No meat
  • No dairy
  • Limited saturated fat
  • A daily Vitamin B12 tablet
  • Willpower (a lot)
I would be interested to hear from others who have adopted this regime if they have had similar results.

At first I found it a challenge in cutting out meat and dairy, as someone who had gained a reputation for being a waste disposal unit at the dinner table, hoovering up any leftovers. However, I am blessed with a culinary family who have discovered lots of tasty alternatives to meat and dairy. It is my intention to share some of these on this blog in the coming weeks.

An unintended consequence of such weight loss ended up being that non of my trousers fit – meaning added costs of getting them taken in. I presented my whole wardrobe of  jeans, casual and smart trousers to my local dry cleaners/ tailors and was able to negotiate on account of the quantity 😀

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